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This is my favourite cartoon. The name is Dorabase. his comic follows the story of other robotic cats that form a baseball club. Though it shows Doraemon in the beginning, it doesn't focus on Doraemon itself (because Doraemon must go back to the past to help Nobita). The group is led by Kuroemon, a cat that looks like Doraemon, only it has ears and black fur (Doraemon doesn't have fur). It features a lot of imaginary ability, and in the baseball game, is allowed to use up to 3 gadgets.The main characters' team. Started out as a rookie team that never wins, until Hiroshi joined up as the new pitcher (replacing Doraemon) and help them win their first victory against the Mongas team. Before Hiroshi's arrival into the team, the team is made up exclusively of cat-like robots, like Doraemon. Kuroemon Captain of the Edogawa Doras. Originally a 'freelance' robot that lives with, as well as work for, Hiroshi's family. His passion for baseball started when he arrives at Hiroshi's house and watches a baseball game on television. He then formed up the Doras. Have a very intimate rivalry with Shiroemon, an old friend from the Robot School. Though lacking in skills that Shiroemon possesses, his determination makes up for it. His special move is called the "Daikon-slicing Fullmoon Swing" (a variant of the "Fullmoon Swing" originated by Pokoaemon) where he swings the bat downward in mid-air in a slicing motion to counter's Shiroemon's White Ball.

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